Service Overview

Why accept things that just are? This is the question we asked ourselves from day one when forming Dapatchi Construction.

Site culture, health and safety, efficiency and structures are all focus areas which we have challenged, and through relentless pursuit for excellence and efficiency, Dapatchi Construction is founding the way to better working methods.

Through our continued and dedicated approach to these areas, we have created a working model which creates savings whilst promoting quality of delivery and thorough accountability within our wider team and company. Our vision, not to accept anything other than the best for ourselves and our clients has led to new ways of working, making Dapatchi Construction an important addition to the industry.

Why Choose Us?

We have placed 6 principles and core KPIs at the heart of our foundation:

  • Site culture, professionalism, moral and training in the work place
  • Site safety and adoption of policy throughout the hierarchy
  • Supply chain efficiencies, processes and materials costs
  • Effective management, accountability, systems and efficiencies
  • Best technologies and equipment enabling better output
  • Detailed and accurate works procurement and quoting systems
Construction work
Powersaw Construction Work

Our construction team are well equipped and are on hand to renovate or build any project to a high standard.

Our mission

‘To continue to push the industry standards forward. Dapatchi Construction believes that a site is only as good as the people who operate it, and for this reason, we place tremendous importance on a shared site vision, professional staff development and team morale. By valuing our people, our people are rewarding us with excellent delivery and standards.’

Brochure coming soon!
Brochure coming soon!