Project info

  • Client: Dapatchi
  • Value: £6,500,000 (Anticipated)
  • Size: 44,000 SqFt.
  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Falcon Works started life in 1802 and was purchased by Weatherby and Sons in 1891 who oversaw its expansion from a small pot works into the site it is today. At its height, Weatherby employed 200 people and became well known for their ‘Falcon Ware’ pottery. In 1906, as part of a substantial rebuild, an updraft bottle oven and accompanying muffle kiln were added. The muffle kiln is one of the only such kilns remaining in the area and, along with the oven, was last fired in 1965. Currently, the entire building carries a Grade 2 listing. Manufacturing ceased in 2000 as a result of increased competition. By then the workforce had shrunk to 10.

Since then the site has had a number of owners, none of whom produced a viable plan for its future. As a result, the building has suffered material degradation due to neglect, vandalism and the effects of the weather. In 2012 the external skin of the oven – the hovel – collapsed. Dapatchi Homes purchased Falcon Works in May 2018. Our intention is to convert it into approximately 70 apartments for the 55+ age group, for whom there is no private sector provision within Stoke-on Trent. We are committed to restoring the bottle oven and the muffle kiln to their former glory and will be the first people ever to have attempted this.

We are absolutely delighted to have secured the building and, given its high profile position overlooking Hanley, will be adding enormous value to the surrounding area.