Service Overview

Dapatchi Architecture brings together architects, architectural technicians, planning consultants, a creative media team and property developers to create a planning and scheme design solution for our partners and clients. We use state of the art technology to produce high quality, detailed design and scheme proposals.

Through our deep understanding of the property industry, we work hard to meet the needs of contractors, clients and financiers to provide the necessary tools to facilitate all sectors. We offer both consultancy and full architectural services as well as managing committee meetings and appeals. Our team have worked with multiple authorities throughout the UK.

Dapatchi Architecture currently has a 100% success rate in obtaining planning permission, as we give honest and impartial advice to our clients and will offer guidance and support if we feel permission will not be granted.

Why Choose Us?

Our standard practice is to create schemes with the following key focus points:

  • Intuitive and cost saving for build out
  • Energy efficient design and implementation
  • Maximise returns and site values
  • Scheme design based around due diligence and demand
  • Architecturally attractive and appealing buildings
  • Policy and National frame work compliance

Whatever the project, our proficient team are available to guide, plan and design our clients’ scheme.

Our mission

‘To design schemes to suit any budget without compromising on the quality, workmanship, professionalism and value of the project. Working effectively and safely to deliver great vision and designs for our clients as well as our own schemes.’

Brochure coming soon!
Brochure coming soon!