These are difficult times. The Government has taken the pressure off business owners and individuals through the announcement of an unprecedented support mechanism for staff and for businesses alike.

This is a fantastic step by the Government and shows their commitment to the future of our country. However, the reaction of many businesses will be to suspend all operations, leaving gaps in vital services and leaving vital operations without support. This will create issues across the UK in the short term.

Dapatchi are property specialists,  we are Chas registered, Considerate Contractors and Alcumus Safe Contractors, we employ 120 staff members who are all entitled to the 80% staff cost coverage as announced on Friday, if we were to cease operations. We have all trades in house relating to the property industry. 

I am announcing today a reactive support operation for vital businesses, NHS, public sector and stranded homeowners who are in need of urgent repairs to their facilities. This will be launched from Monday 23.03.2020 and will be available until further notice.

We are initially committing to this service across Yorkshire and Lancashire regions, however, we are prepared to expand nationally if required, so that we can benefit all communities across our great country.

At this time, those who can, must! As a company we are making this choice to support and to join the fight against this invisible enemy. Many people will be without the assistance they require to maintain safe and functional operating and living spaces.

Like many other business we do have the option to suspend all operations and to claim support, but we choose to be part of the solution and drive forward today to protect tomorrow.

We want to encourage all business owners who can make a difference, have the facility to and can safely respond, to join us and to unite in taking the right action so that we may protect our country, our people and our future.

The beauty of difficult times is that it allows people to shine, so let’s unite our Great Britain and work together to create one shared vision for the future.

Please contact to access this service.

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